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About Us
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High quality composite parts from low cost tooling.


In the late 1960's, Dave Mohnke was working at General Motors as a wood model makers. He believed there was a way to serve customers who needed high quality composite parts, but didn't have the typical tooling budget to produce those parts.

So in 1970, Dave founded E-T-M Enterprises in a 4,000 square foot building in Grand Ledge, Michigan. And from the beginning, as our name suggests, our focus was Engineering, Tooling, and Manufacturing.

In the early years, Dave and his team perfected a process known as "cold molding" to produce composite parts using low temperature and low pressure.

Over 45 years later, Dave's son, Steve is our President and high quality and low cost are still hallmarks of ETM.

We're still in Grand Ledge, but now in 180,000 square feet of manufacturing space on an 18 acre site. Our in-house tooling shop is just 2 blocks away in a 12,000 square foot building that also has 18,000 square feet of storage for customer molds, fixtures, and master models.