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Finishing and Assembly
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ETM is a full service supplier of molded components.  From conceptual design, through product engineering, and manufacturing, finishing and assembly we offer a full range of services.  In streamlining their operations, our customers require their delivered components go through a series of finishing steps so they are ready for installation.  ETM saw this change coming in advance and was prepared to offer assembly of an array of subcomponents including doors, locks, insulation, gaskets and wide range of fasteners.  ETM also provides  a multi-stage paint booth that allows us to offer you the ability to receive your parts prime painted and ready for a glistening top coat.



water jet

  • Addition of brackets, mounting plates, fasteners, lockable access doors, anti-skid foot plates and GPS hardware
  • Precision assemblies using in-housed designed and built fixtures.
  • Delivered assemblies reduce cost at final assembly location
  • Prepare for prime paint or final top coating
  • Finishes that exceeding customer expectations
  • Prime painting
  • Comprehensive surface finish preparation
  • Computer controlled water jet trimmed
  • Trimmed and prepared for top coat finishing
  • Sandblasting for surface preparation
  • CNC milling operation