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Heavy Truck
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heavy truck

Because of ETM’s innovative manufacturing capabilities we have been a key supplier to a variety of major heavy truck manufacturers for the past several decades.  Our ability to produce lower volume components with significantly lower tooling costs makes ETM a cost effective partner.

When you couple the lower tooling costs with our in-house ability to produce our own tooling, we are capable of delivering new programs in less time than competitors that rely on outside tooling suppliers.  This also means that we can work in concert with our heavy truck customers to produce prototypes quickly and to makes changes on the fly as new programs evolve.





Complete Sleeper Roof Assembliesheavy truck molding

  • Low Profile Roofs
  • Cowlings
  • Plenums
  • Fan Shrouds
  • Rain Trays
  • Headlight Buckets
  • Aerodynamic Wind Deflectors
  • Steps
  • Cab Extenders


  • Addition of brackets, mounting plates, fasteners, lockable access doors, anti-skid foot plates and GPS hardware
  • Precision assemblies using in-housed designed and built fixtures.
  • Delivered assemblies reduce cost at final assembly location



  • Prepare for prime paint or final top coating
  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Prime painting