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ETM Enterprises to expanding its manufacturing footprint in the wind energy sector. ETM Enterprises has been awarded a significant new program from the Siemens, the industry leader, in wind energy generation.


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ETM has consistently proven its ability to produce cost-effective, world-class quality, reinforced fiberglass components in volumes ranging from 100 to 80,000 units per year.

Since 1970, ETM has built a reputation as a reliable, innovative, supplier that works in partnership with its customers to find innovative solutions for low to intermediate volumes of composite components. This innovative approach is achieved through the use of pioneering tooling options that offers their customers several options that take into consideration volume, surface quality, cost and strength.

Customer Categories
Lower Cost Tooling

Multiple production tooling options are available from ETM.  Which tooled process to use is dependent on several factors including part design, part volume, tool fabrication timing available, program life, and finished part surface desired.  At ETM, these factors are reviewed with the Customer and the ideal option, or options, are presented.